‘Whatever’ lets you guide a 200,000-tonne cargo ship through the Suez Canal

A new game titled Whatever puts players in charge of a cargo ship sailing down the Suez Canal in reference to the famous canal blocking.

The meme of the event sprung up around March when a real cargo-ship got stuck in the Suez Canal, taking days to dislodge and garnering media and internet attention. The boat was even added to Microsoft Flight Simulator as a mod.

Now, in Whatever, players are tasked with piloting a 200,000-tonne ship through a canal of varying width, in a tongue-in-cheek game that aims to show just how hard the job really is.

Whatever. Image credit: Napas Torteeka
Whatever. Image credit: Napas Torteeka

The Steam page reads: “You will cry and finally realise how amazing every cargo ship’s captain is because it is extremely hard to pilot that !$@%!$# 200,000-tonne cargo ship with their extreme inertia through the canal!”

The game will enter Early Access on Steam by September 7, with additional features being added post-launch. The release date currently reads “when the ship is ready”. Whatever contains nine levels and two ‘bosses’, along with “wind gut, whirlpool, and UFO”.

In other gaming news, a Minecraft player is recreating all of the world wonders from Civilization VI. Every build they create will be uploaded to YouTube where they have since uploaded several short timelapse builds of even more Civ VI world wonders. These include the Oracle, Etemenanki, Forbidden City, Hanging Gardens, Saint Basil Cathedral, and the Cristo Redentor.

They said that they are working with their friend and “planning” to recreate all of Civ VI‘s world wonders in the game, having started with the Great Lighthouse.


Elsewhere, a stream detailed a lot more about the Dead Space remake, including the new dismemberment system and how the universe of the game will be expanded.

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