TV Scoop Awards 2021: The Full List of Winners

People sure do love television.

We saw this first hand as you, our E! News readers, rallied around your favorite performers, comedies, dramas, scenes and more to vote in the 2021 TV Scoop Awards. And while some series dominated the categories they were in—cough Wynonna Earp, Schitt’s Creek and Bridgerton cough—others fought tooth and nail to come out on top.

We’re, of course, referring to those loyal Prodigal Son fans who nonstop voted so that the canceled-too-early series could win not one, but two prizes this year. Hey, we see you all!

So, in addition to congratulating the big winners and their runner-ups, we want to give kudos to all of you for voting this year. Thankfully, you don’t have to wait long to see all your hard work come to fruition, as we now have the full list of winners for this year’s TV Scoop Awards.

Scroll down to the images below to find out the Saddest Goodbye, Best Comedy Performance and more!

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