The Final Season of Insecure Finally Has a Premiere Date

It’s time for one last reflection with Issa Dee (Issa Rae).

On Thursday, Sept. 2, HBO released the first teaser for the fifth and final season of Insecure, which premieres Sunday, Oct. 24. In typical Insecure fashion, the teaser replays Issa’s most memorable mirror moments, including a new one for season five.

“Oh, Issa, you were so simple then,” the leading lady says in a voiceover. “I just want to be drama free and happy. I keep fronting to everybody like I’m not scared about what’s next for me, but I’m terrified. So what am I supposed to do now?”

Cut to the new footage, with Issa noting, “Maybe there’s a little voice in your head that’s telling you that you’re not done.”

Confronting her know-it-all mirror self, the Insecure star retorts, “That’s you! You’re the voice in the back of my head.”

Fans have been eagerly awaiting news for season five, ever since Issa revealed in January that this season would be the show’s last.

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