STXtelevision & Reel One Entertainment Partner On English Language Adaptation of Belgian Series ‘Team Chocolate’

EXCLUSIVE: An English adaptation of the hit Belgian series Team Chocolate will be produced by STXtelevision and Reel One Entertainment after acquiring the rights from Wild Bunch TV.

The award-winning original tells the story of Jasper Bloom, a young man who begins working at a chocolate factory that employs people with Down Syndrome—like Jasper—and other disabilities. He falls in love with one of his colleagues but their love story is interrupted when she’s whisked away to another city. So Jasper hits the road with his new friends on a journey of adventure and self-discovery not only for Jasper but for his wider community.

STXtelevision and Reel One are committed to casting the show with the same character-specific attention, authenticity, and care that was a hallmark of the original series.

We were struck by Team Chocolates honest and unbarred portrayal of lives within a community we dont often see authentically adapted for the screen, and were excited to be bringing the story to English-speaking audiences,” said Jada Miranda, President of Creative Development and Production, STXtelevision. “We are thrilled to work with our co-production collaborators at Reel One and Wild Bunch who came to the table with the same priorities. Together, we aim to approach development and production with the same verve, confidence, and beauty that makes the original series so special.”

Watch a trailer for the original series below.

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