Salma Hayek Posted A Video Of Her Celebrating Her 55th Birthday With Angelina Jolie, And I Can’t Even Begin To Express How Much Fun It Looks

Where do I go to submit my application to be besties with Angelina and Salma?

I think I speak for all of us when I say that Salma Hayek lives in our heads rent-free.

The beloved actor just turned 55, and she rang in her birthday celebration with none other than her Eternals co-star — the one and only — Angelina Jolie!

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images for Disney

No, I cannot explain the physics of how the room the two movie stars were in didn’t just crumble at their mere combined presence in a singular space.

Anyway, Salma, whose birthday was Thursday, shared a video of herself on Instagram yesterday sitting in front of a cake. Next to her was her brother Sami Hayek and Angelina.

Alberto E. Rodriguez / Getty Images, Michael Loccisano / Getty Images

In the video, Salma’s loved ones chant “Mordida! Mordida!” The phrase references the Mexican tradition of “La mordida” — which translates to “bite” in English — where a person’s face is shoved into their birthday cake for them to take a bite.

Amy Sussman / Getty Images

And who — you ask — was the lucky guest who got to lead the tradition? Yup, fellow icon Angie!

Mike Marsland / WireImage / Getty Images

“My brother @hayekstudio and me trying to teach Angie how to do the Mexican Mordida @angelinajolie,” Salma captioned the video. “Mi hermano sami y yo enseñandole a #anjelinajolie como se hace la mordida!”

In the video, an apprehensive Angelina has her hand on Salma’s head as she leans over and tells Sami to lead the tradition. But Salma was not having it, tapping Angelina’s hand as a signal to go for it. After some more hesitation on Angelina’s part, she urged the Girl, Interrupted star, “Do it!”

Salma Hayek / Instagram

Angelina then pushed Salma’s face into the cake, letting out a scream and leaning back into the couch to cover her face.

Salma Hayek / Instagram

Just look at these shots from the video, I beg you.

Salma Hayek / Instagram

And Exhibit B.

Salma Hayek / Instagram

To be either Angelina (pro: you get to playfully shove Salma’s face in a cake) or Salma (pro: you get to have your face playfully shoved in a cake by Angelina) in this video…in this room…at this party. Or even to just get the opportunity to be a fly on the wall.

Well, a girl can dream, right?!

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