Sacha Baron Cohen confirms return of Ali G in stand-up shows

Sacha Baron Cohen has confirmed he’s reviving the character of Ali G.

The actor, who first played the satirical character in 2000, recently revealed he had reprised the role for a string of stand-up shows earlier this summer.

Addressing rumours in an interview with GQ that Ali G had returned at The Comedy Store in Sydney, Baron Cohen said: “Yes. I just wanted to get on stage and muck around and see what Ali G would be like with a crowd. It was really good fun.”


Asked whether he would play the character again in this context, he replied: “Yes, I think I would.”

“Because the reason I became a comedian was that I loved people laughing at my jokes,” he went on, describing the benefits of stand-up. “To actually hear laughter is a rare thing for me. When I do the movies, I think it is funny, but I have to wait three months to hear an audience laugh.”

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Earlier this year, BritBox confirmed Baron Cohen’s Da Ali G Show would air on the platform with a warning about “racist terms”.

When watching the series, viewers will now see a warning that episodes contain “crude humour, including racist terms which may offend, sexual references and strong language”.

In Sacha Baron Cohen’s satirical series, which ran on Channel 4 from 2000 to 2004, characters including Kazakh journalist Borat and gay Austrian fashion aficionado Bruno are introduced, alongside Ali G.


Ali G, who is intended to be a white or Asian man adopting the vocabulary of Black street culture, was accused of being racist when the show was first released.

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