New ‘Skyrim’ Special Edition mod aims to fix exterior FPS

A brand new Skyrim Special Edition mod optimizes the game’s exterior FPS and performance.

The eFPS – Exterior FPS Boost mod was created by modder ‘nicola89b’ and aims to “make Skyrim great again with miracle FPS improvement”. The designer states in the description that the mod is a work in progress, is still operational but warns players to install it at their own risk.

“eFPS – Exterior FPS boost makes extensive use of a native engine feature called Occlusion Culling,” the description reads. “Occlusion Panes have been strategically hand-placed to enhance performance without affecting visibility and immersion.


“These panes are placed inside walls, houses, mountains and any big object in general, drastically reducing the draw calls. In our testing, we’ve detected improvements of up to 5-20 FPS in certain critical areas.”

The modder explains that they put thousands of occlusion panes and boxes in big parts of the map one by one, saying that the panes are placed within the environment such as houses, walls, mountains and more to reduce “draw calls”, which means a 5 to 20 FPS boost in critical areas.

Nicola89b does note that those with an existing save might want to start a separate save before installing the mod as they “still haven’t completely figured out how eFPS behaves with existing saves”, so fair warning.

The eFPS – Exterior FPS Boost can be found on the popular modding site, Nexus Mods and it currently has almost 1K endorsements as well as over 87K views.

Earlier this month, the NoSkyrim mod, which prevents players from booting up Skyrim, was taken down from Nexus Mods. After installing it, clicking a button to load up the game simply doesn’t allow it, making it seem rather pointless. Now it’s nowhere to be found on Nexus Mods.


Meanwhile, Bethesda has announced a Skyrim Anniversary Edition.

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