‘Dead Space’ remake shows off changes and early footage on stream

EA Motive has shown off early pre-production footage of the Dead Space remake, with details on some of the changes and improvements also revealed during the stream.

The Twitch stream from today (August 31) showed off a direct comparison between the Dead Space remake and the 2008 original from Visceral Games, with the remake announced around a year ago and production getting underway soon after.

dead space gameplay comparison
Dead Space remake. Credit: EA Motive

The overall narrative and themes of the game will remain largely intact, with the main goal being to enrich the wider Dead Space universe established in the other games and other media. According to Motive some of these additions will be minor, whilst others are apparently going to be more obvious.

Other aspects of the later Dead Space games will also be folded into the remake as well, with zero-gravity adding the thrusters present in Dead Space 2, alongside more paths and challenges for the player.

Gunner Wright, the voice of Isaac Clarke, will also be reprising his role for the Dead Space remake. In the original game Isaac Clarke was a silent protagonist. Wright will be voicing Clarke in story beats but will remain silent during gameplay unless spoken to as to not hinder the immersion of the game.

Dead Space remake dismemberment
Dead Space remake. Credit: EA Motive

Early footage of necromorph dismemberment was also shown, with the most notable change being that weapons will now tear off the skin of enemies and reveal bone, which will be a weak point that the players need to hit.

Every part of each enemy will react to damage, with focus put on how some weapons may be better at dismemberment or removing flesh.


A point was made about microtransactions, which were prevalent in later Dead Space games, with the promise that none will be present in the remake.

Dead Space remake early gameplay footage
Dead Space remake. Credit: EA Motive

Motive says it wants to be open with the fans and community from the start as a way to honour the legacy of the original and find ways to improve it as well. Feedback and community engagement have been encouraged so the team can continue to understand what fans wants from the game.

In other news, Hades has proven to be a critical darling yet again as it swept the Global Industry Game Awards with a total of nine wins.

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