Busy Philipps’ Home Almost Flooded During The Historic Storm In New York But She Came Up With A DIY Solution To Stop It

“I’m essentially f**king McGuyver.”

Busy Philipps had to think fast when her New York City home began flooding last night.

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After a historic storm hit the Big Apple, the area was declared a state of emergency as flash floods caused subways, streets, and homes to become submerged under feet of water.

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Busy’s home was no exception and as water began to fill her basement, she and her husband Marc Silverstein documented their attempts to stop the flooding.

“What do we do? What the fuck are we supposed to do?” Busy asked on her Instagram stories, looking completely shocked by the situation.

Thankfully, Busy came up with a pretty clever DIY solution thanks to some canvas shopping bags and flour that ended up working as a flood barricade.

“If *FOR ONE SECOND* you *EVER* thought I was the type of person who would just GIVE UP when the flood started rising and the people who are supposed to come help are distracted by a myriad of other calamities SO THEY CAN’T SHOW UP, then I’m here to tell you — you’re VERY wrong,” Busy wrote on her Instagram.

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She continued, “Because *I’m* the bitch that will McGuyver canvas shopping bags into sandbags using the very dirt pouring into my own home (and also some rice and flour and yes maybe old croutons.) Because MUCH LIKE the cockroach that fell out of a disintegrated box of Christmas ornaments, I will always find a way out.”

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While Busy was able to save her basement, many others were not so lucky. To help those affected, visit the Red Cross.

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