9 of Our Favorite Places to Find Budget-Friendly Artwork

Let’s talk about the piece of framed llama art in my bedroom, shall we?

Its rightful place on the wall happens to be directly across from my bed, the first thing I see upon waking up in the morning (and, lucky for him, the first thing my boyfriend sees too).

I noticed it while leisurely walking the aisles of the Target home goods section, decided against purchasing it, went home, regretted my decision, and came back and made the right choice.

My point with this anecdote? The art you hang on your walls is personal. At its core, it should bring you a bit of delight every time you notice it. Does it matter if said artwork resonates with anyone else who enters your home? No! Does art need to be expensive to be deserving of the vertical real estate on your walls? Absolutely not!

Readers have asked a number of times for recommendations on where to source affordable artwork. In today’s post, we’re sharing the answer, conveniently collected in one spot for your browsing ease. Below you’ll find some of our favorite places to buy budget-friendly artwork, plus a couple of ways to get creative on your quest.

1. Target

This beacon of a store for everything from toiletries to cookware to clothing is also a great spot to source home decor and, more specifically, artwork. You may have to scrounge a bit for the piece that particularly strikes your fancy, because they have plenty of enticing options from which to choose.

2. Jungalow

Image via Jungalow

The Target art shown above is from the Opalhouse designed with Jungalow line. For even more artwork from Jungalow’s Justina Blakeney, head straight to the source at jungalow.com. There, you’ll find bold pieces from Justina and a selection of featured artists.

3. Minted

Want to customize your artwork selection? Look no further than the magic of minted.com. Buying from Minted allows you to customize the size of your artwork, the type of frame, the type of mat, and more. Your ideal piece of artwork is right at your fingertips.

4. Greeting Cards

Image via Rifle Paper Co.

While browsing Golden Rule Gallery a few months ago, I came across the loveliest greeting card, featuring an abstract line drawing of a person in colors of pink and blue and yellow. I promptly purchased it, picked up a frame at CB2, and hung it in my bathroom.

Don’t forget that almost anything can become artwork if you’d like it to.

5. Juniper Print Shop

Juniper Print Shop is a great place to go for a curated selection of artwork. The shop sells prints only, starting at just $20, and the range of sizes goes from 16″ x 20″ all the way up to 55″ x 79″, for all of your varying needs.

6. Etsy

Image via KateWorum on Etsy

Oh, Etsy, the treasure trove of goods we all know and love. Head here for unique art prints from independent makers near and far. One of our favorite shops is that of Minneapolis illustrator Kate Worum.

7. Magazines

While your standard glossy reads may not be the best ones from which to source art, I can guarantee that there are independent publications aplenty with pages worthy of a spot on your wall.

I have a stack of Darling magazines at home and every time I have an empty frame that needs filling, or a spot on the wall in need of some personality, I head to their pages and always find something to display.

8. Thrift and Antique Stores

Photos by Chelsey Werth

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: if you want to find unique treasures for your home, shopping secondhand at least part of the time is the way to go. The patina and character you’ll find on a piece from an antique store simply will not be matched by a brand new piece of art. Blend your new and old artwork together in your home for a wonderfully distinctive look.

9. Tappan Collective

Image via Tappan Collective

Tappan Collective is a marketplace of curated art featuring the work of emerging artists. You can find contemporary prints, photography, and even original artwork here. While some of the art is at a higher price point, it’s easy to set parameters so you can browse within your budget!

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