16 “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” Behind-The-Scenes Stories Straight From Melissa Fumero

2. When Jake and Amy decide to try for a baby. I just loved the whole arc. Going from the crazy debate in the hospital during a bomb threat and everything leading up to it. I thought it was a nice setup for them having a hard time getting there. I loved their whole journey to parenthood, but the moment when Jake says, “Let’s try,” is perfect. Andy acted it beautifully, wonderfully, and heartfelt.

BuzzFeed: Did you have a lot of input on Amy’s pregnancy storyline?

It might’ve been two seasons before, but Dan Goor texted me one day and was like, “Answer without thinking. Do you think Amy wants kids?” And I said, “Yes. I think she wants to have it all. I don’t think it should come easy to her because it’s the one thing she can’t study for. It’s the one thing she can’t control, and she’s all about control and being the best.” Dan agreed right away too. I just thought that it was something we could mine a lot of story and comedy from because it’s such a conflict and an obstacle for her. It goes against everything she is. I was really glad that Dan agreed, and I think the way he went into it was really beautiful. It was lovely for us to get such a warm response from so many people who felt seen and understood Amy’s struggle. I know the writers worked really hard at being sensitive to the topic of infertility, while also mining the story for comedy.

BuzzFeed: When Amy cuts into the gender reveal cake and it’s green, I laugh as if I’ve never seen this episode of TV before.

Oh my god, that was such a fun scene to shoot. I tweeted the photo once, but the blood gag with Bradley [Whitford] malfunctioned on the first take. It sprayed so much fake blood that it got all over his face, hair, and shirt. I have this hilarious picture of him laughing and covered in fake blood. Andy and I died laughing. It was one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.

3. It’s a really small moment. It’s from Season 1 — I think it’s from “The Vulture.” We’re on a bus, and we have a little back and forth. Andy and I ended up ad-libbing something. I don’t even remember what Jake says, but I say, “Shut up.” It’s just this really small moment, but it’s kind of flirty, and it’s one of the first flirty moments they have. We toyed with that moment when we were shooting it. It was so small, but it planted the seed for us, I think, of what their dynamic was. Like, their competitiveness and pushing each other’s buttons, but doing it in a flirty way. There was just a chemistry there, and I think for me as an actor it was the first moment where I was like, “Oh, this is good.”

BuzzFeed: You mentioned ad-libbing a lot while shooting. Did you always film a scripted take and then improv?

In the beginning we did, yeah. We called them “fun runs.” I think that was something from Parks and Rec. It would be a few takes scripted and then a “fun run.” As we went along, it sort of became more mixed. We’d always start scripted, and then we would play with a section and ad-lib. There was less of like, “Here’s the scripted take. Now here’s the improv take.” We began to do it more naturally and just have options.

BuzzFeed: How was it improvising with Andy Samberg the first time?

Honestly, it was nerve-racking the first few seasons. I was just trying not to screw it up. But, like anything, you get more confident about it. We also found our own groove season after season. Andy’s so good at coming up with stuff on the spot. He added to every single scene and would always make things better. Our writers were also incredible coming up with stuff day of. I would say like 20%–30% of every episode was stuff that came out on the day.

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