15 Times GG Won “Shahs Of Sunset” Season 9

From Lochnessa to the healthiest person in Shahs of Sunset.

Golnessa “GG” Gharachadeghi evolved from an angsty girl-child to dishing out the realest shit on season 9 of Shahs of Sunset.

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I need to get her therapist’s number. 

Here are 15 times in season 9 that GG was the voice of reason:

1. Healing her relationship with her sister

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Leila was her chosen person to deliver her baby during peak COVID-19, after years of fighting!

2. Being open and honest with her emotions when it comes to Reza and MJ

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She knows what she knows, and she lets them know. 

3. Hosting an actually healing retreat in the redwoods

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Reza and MJ got better, GG doled out some funky spirit animals… 

4. Letting Mike know it’s okay to accept he’s not naturally monogamous, as long as he doesn’t hurt other people in the process.

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“I feel like Paulina is who you love and who you want to be with, but you also have feelings or desires of fulfillment that you get from other women. And that’s okay…” Just don’t drag Paulina or his friends into it.

5. Being open about non-monogamy

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Can we agree that London is a very nice girl who adds nothing to the cast? Also she is strangely uninformed about non-monogamy as an LA relationship therapist in the 21st century. At this point in her life, GG has accepted her non-monogamous nature and is open to honestly exploring that part of herself. 

6. Showing some kick-ass single mother parenting

7. Telling her friends to either accept all of Mike or let him go

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This is the most emotionally healthy thing I’ve ever heard on a reality show. Reza, either let Mike make his own mistakes or decide you don’t want him in your life.

8. Reminding Mike there are two other human beings directly involved in his relationship choices now

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His friends shouldn’t judge him for how he feels, just how he can hurt people. 

9. Being even-keeled about Reza’s spoof text accusations

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“Guilty is as guilty does,” quoth Golnessa.

10. Calling out Paulina for blasting her man’s dirty laundry

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No matter how scorned you are, if you stay with him, you gotta have his back.

11. Making amends with Shervin

12. Letting Nema know how slimey and insecure he is in a calm manner

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Nema pretends to apologize to GG because he claims she’s pissed at him for not fucking her? Really?

13. Being honest about the struggles of choosing single- motherhood

14. Her Tommy Impression

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“I broke a plant. I wanted to break his legs. He’s lucky.” 

15. Basically acknowledging Reza’s pain at her son’s (slightly problematic) birthday party

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Why are there African dancers for a Safari theme? But also, props to GG for acknowledging that Reza is acting out b/c of pain. 

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